Don’t just wish call Trish is a team of Professional Wedding Officiants who are ready to work with you to create the Perfect Wedding Ceremony. Your wedding doesn’t have to be boring. It can be Fun and Romantic. It can also be a theme or something that means something to the two of you! “Let’s do it” She can provide ceremonies for all kinds of celebrations, whether they’re non-denominational, interfaith, or vow renewals. You will be more than welcome to recite your own vows and express your love for each other in your own style She enjoys creating customized experiences for clients that are unique, heartfelt and always with a touch of fun! From simple to highly customized, she strives for clients to have the day they have been dreaming of.  Your ceremony can be:
• Short and sweet
• A romantic anniversary vow renewal
• Secular or spiritual
• Civil nonreligious or religious
• Multi-faith
• Nondenominational
• LGBTQ• biker weddings 
• Say your own vows
• Or anything in between!
I also love the inner geek in me- so seriously no limits- it’s Your day!

The questionnaire:

Is designed to help us understand both of you and create a meaningful and personalized ceremony for your special day. Let’s blend your stories and preferences together to ensure an unforgettable wedding experience.

Vow Renewal:

Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, our personalized vow renewal ceremonies authentically mirror your unique journey as a couple. Let us bring your vision to life on a day you’ll forever cherish. Trust Don’t Just Wish Call Trish- Wedding Officiant to create a beautiful manifestation of your dreams, etching a lasting memory in your hearts.

We belive in Love!

We are delighted and deeply honored to be chosen as the wedding officiant for couples of all races, religions, and sexual orientations. At “Don’t Just Wish Call Trish- Wedding Officiant,” we take great joy in officiating ceremonies and embracing the diversity that love represents.


Wedding planners love me because I know what I am doing. Photographers love me because I stay out of the way. Couples love me because I make their ceremony unforgettable.

You could put off a decision and have it hanging over your head. You could try to save a few bucks and get the bargain minister. You could ask your uncle Bob. Or you can have the peace of mind to know you are in good hands.

Trish’s Wedding Package’s

Peace of Mind:
[Base Price]

(see below for location-specific pricing)

  • One Free Consultation: An initial FaceTime, Zoom or phone call  to discuss your ceremony preferences.
  • Your Choice of Three Pre-Set Ceremonies: Select from three beautifully created wedding ceremonies. You have the option to  write your own vows and put that special touch on it.
  • License Handling: We will take care of mailing in your marriage license after the ceremony.
  • This package is ideal for couples who want a traditional and hassle-free wedding experience at their chosen location.

Based on Location on both packages:

    • General Chattanooga: $250.00
    • Additional $25.00  per 50 miles for travel beyond a 100-mile round-trip radius.
    • Blue Ridge, GA: $300.00
    • Knoxville: $300.00 – $325.00
    • Gatlinburg: $350 – $375
    • Sevierville/Pigeon Forge: $375.00 – $400.00
    • Nashville: $450.00
    • Johnson City: $450.00
    • Front or back patio Ceremony: $150.00
    • License Signing Only: $50.00

    Custom quotes available for other locations.



Every Step of the Way:

Base Price (plus $50.00) is listed  below .

  • Unlimited communication 
  • Customized Wedding Ceramony.
  • We will send you a detailed questionnaire to understand your vision
  • Themed Weddings- I love them all!
  • Ceremony Performance:  A heartfelt and beautiful officiation of your wedding.
  • License Handling: As with the Peace of mind Package, we will handle the mailing of your marriage license post-ceremony.
  • Special Ceremony: Handfasting, Candles, Sand Ceremonies. It’s your day and anything you want we will write the script to incorporate into your wedding
  • I will arrive 1 hr prior to the start of the wedding. 

Love on a budget!

Come to my home for a unique and personal wedding ceremony experience. As the officiant at “Don’t Just Wish Call Trish- Wedding Officiant,” I can expertly perform your ceremony while intertwining your love story to create a customized and meaningful event. When you choose to have your wedding at my home, you’ll be greeted with the enchanting beauty of fall colors and majestic trees, creating a stunning backdrop for your special day. Please note that our intimate setting is limited to the bride, groom, and up to four guests, ensuring an intimate and cherished celebration.

Sweet and Simple Signing of  your license:

  • Front Yard Ceremony: $150.00
  • License Signing Only: $50.00


Sara&Jennifer Florida wedding


March 14th wedding oputside Chattanogga Court house.

I officiated the wedding for this remarkable couple at “Don’t Just Wish Call Trish – Wedding Officiant.” Witnessing their love and joy, surrounded by their loving family, was truly a sight to behold. Let us help you create a memorable and meaningful ceremony that celebrates your unique love story.
This is my backyard in the fall. With all of the stunning fall colors, it truly becomes a sight of beauty and grandeur. Don’t Just Wish Call Trish- Wedding Officiant.

Beautiful wedding of Chloe and Chelsea at Weavers Room 

10/7/2023 Weaver’s Room at the Old Woolen Mill, 445 Church St SE #2105, Cleveland, TN 37311

It’s Going to be Perfect!

Let’s Plan Your Big Day!