Marriage James and Rosie (Potter wedding)
Price $275.00
Marriage License: I understand that it is my responsibility to acquire a valid marriage license in
the state where the wedding ceremony will occur. The marriage license must be on the premises
when the ceremony is performed. I understand that failure to have these legal documents means
that Don’t just wish call Trish cannot legally perform a legal wedding ceremony. The officiant can

perform a symbolic ceremony with no legal merit and perform another ceremony in private for
the couple once the legal documents are presented for an additional fee.
Refund policy: I acknowledge a $100.00 deposit is due at the time of booking and is non-
refundable. The remaining balance is due 30 days before the ceremony. If the wedding is
canceled in less than 72 hours, the client will not receive a refund, and Don’t just wish call Trish will

keep all monies. Cancelations before 72 hours will receive $25.00 back.
If we change the date or time of our wedding, the following rules will apply: If Don’t just wish call Trish

has the new date available, they will change the date and re-reserve it under the new

date; however, if Don’t just wish call Trish weddings is already obligated for the new date and is unable to

officiate our wedding on the new date. In that case, it will be considered a cancelation, the initial
security deposit is forfeited, and Don’t just wish call Trish Weddings is relieved of all responsibilities outlined in
this contract.
I understand that if booking fees and final payments are not received by the due date, my
ceremony may be canceled, and the booking fee will not be refunded.
Any booking fee or payment that our financial institution dishonors for any reason, we agree to
an additional charge of $50.00.
If your ceremony includes a sand ceremony, unity candle, or any other unique feature, you must
furnish all equipment needed. We are more than happy to instruct you on what you need and
where to buy it, but we do not provide the equipment.
Officiant agrees to arrive at the Wedding address 30 minutes before the agreed-upon time of
your wedding ceremony. The couple understands that they must adhere to these times; we know
that weddings do not always go as planned and will accommodate weddings that start a little
later than scheduled as our schedule permits. We arrive early to be ready for your ceremony and

  • allow for a 1-hour block of time per wedding to give you plenty of time and give room for
    unexpected delays.
    There are three officiants on staff at Don’t just wish call Trish Weddings if Don’t just wish call Trish Weddings cannot attend
    and perform the services as planned due to hospitalization, auto accident, transportation
    breakdown/disruption, traffic difficulties, or other unforeseen issues the day of the ceremony.
    Authentic Weddings will send an alternate who will provide the same level of service; if we

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September 8, 2023

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